Not Fallen Short

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You have not fallen short of My grace, says the Lord, for it is infallible and inexhaustible. There is no time that I will withhold it from you. For every time you approach Me, I readily receive you with open arms. Each time you cry to Me, I hear! You are never put on hold, and I will NOT withhold My love and My power and My presence from you, says the LORD. My grace for you is sufficient and abundant. I have never turned My back on you and My compassion for you is renewable every day. I remain faithful and forgiving. Just come to me and receive of My goodness and mercy that is constantly available for you, say the Lord.

Though others have forgotten you and forsaken you, I will not. You can depend upon Me at all times. I do not just watch over you, but I Am with you actively to help you continually. There is never a time that you are absent of My power and presence that is more than sufficient in every time and circumstance of your life. I will bring you through the trials and tests without fail as you entrust Me with your care. I will keep you from falling and bring you safely onto the other side without loss. Trust in My unimpeachable love for you and know that nothing is more important to Me than you. You have My attention, and I will make a way of escape for you from the on slot of the enemy and shelter you in the time of storms. I Am your place of safety and provision all the time, and you are secure in My constant care, says the LORD.

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