I Am Your Sanctuary


I Am your sanctuary, and place of safety, says the Lord. You are secure in Me always. Do not fear what Man can do unto you! Do not view yourself as defenseless. With Me on your side, there is no one that can conquer you. I Am your defense! You are undefeatable in Me! The enemy wants you to cower in the corner as he taunts and threatens. But I say, just come into My presence where He has no access, ever! You are safe in My arms that enfold you, shield you and secure you always. He has no weapons that can defeat or intimidate Me, says the Lord, and I Am with you always! You cannot be defeated. Do not fear the enemy, for when you stand against him, I Am standing alongside to help. He will run in terror of you because of who you are in Me as you submit yourself onto me and resist him. You are not to be pushed back. I have made you a principality and a power in Me that is mighty. You must see yourself as I see you….equipped in My armor and having superior weapons that are matchless! Let the enemy taunt and mock, for that is all he has and all he can do. He parades around with dysfunctional weapons that cannot touch you. But you on the other side have the Greater One, Me within. Do not run in terror from the enemy, but face him head on, and Know that not only Am I within you, standing along side to help you, but you are sealed in Me! I Am your abiding sanctuary, says the Lord.

Get ready for a new day with a new approach! This is a conquering day. This is a day that the enemy forces are turning back! I have empowered you to be a victor, and My armor of light about you blinds the enemy that hates the light. Get ready for the victor’s celebration, says the Lord, for I Am with you to bring you into My greater glory, says the Lord. It is time for you to move toward possession of your personal promised land, as you fight the good fight of faith, and become an enforcer of My kingdom. I will be with you to insure your success as you cover yourself in Me, says the Lord. Be brave and bold, for the enemy will not be able to corner you as you put your faith and trust in Me as your place of safety, and violently oppose the enemy with the superior weapons that I have given you that are mighty through Me to the pulling down of his strongholds, says the Lord.

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