Stand Still and See My Salvation

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The battle is Mine, says the Lord.  Stand still and see My salvation!  The enemy is defeated!  I Am a Man of war, and I will fight for you.  Your enemies are My enemies.  Your battles are Mine!  My strength is made perfect in your weakness, says the Lord!  It is not your strength the defeats the dark one….it is MY strength that I have invested in you.  I cannot be whipped by any power, says the Lord.  Arise and proclaim the victory in Me.  I have entitled you and given you a mouth to pronounce the winner even before the skirmish!  It is a fixed fight always.  I Am always the champion and that makes you the always champion!    I defeated your enemy long ago when I arose from the dead.  When I arose, you rose with Me.  I won the battle and the war for all time, says the Lord.  I champion your cause!  Did you know that I Am on your side and I always give you the victory?  It is a fixed fight for you, too, because I call you uncontested in battle.  I call you undefeated.  I call all the fights and assure every victory.  There is always victory in Me, says the Lord.

The banquet table is spread already.  It is a victor’s celebration.  All the trophies are there at the table, and I have your name on them inscribed with MINE!  Yes, you are on My team, and your weakness is no match for the dark one, because I stand along side to help.  He doesn’t even notice you when you glove up in Me, for the brightness of My glory blinds Him!  Darkness is already overcome by the brightness of My glory.  I have caused you to rule and reign in life NOW!  Get the crown of My righteousness on your head, for I gave My all for you by my finished work on the cross.  So wear it!  Stop shaking in your boots!  Get your head up!  You are not a coward!  I made you a king and a priest unto me, and not a weakling!  I Am with you always, and every battle is MINE.  You can show up and fight with Me, but you already know the outcome.  WE WIN, says the Lord.  ALWAYS!  You are not going to regret trusting Me with this and every other battle..  You belong to Me, and I will always cause you to triumph in Me, says the LORD!

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