Storms of This Life

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Caught in the Storm

Come under the shadow of My wings, says the Lord, where I can protect and shelter you from the storms of this Life. For I will completely cover you and keep you and provision you, says the Lord.  You belong to Me.  I Am the one who watches meticulously over you, and I am your shield. Do not fret when you see the storm clouds on the horizon.  Do not trust in the shifting and uncertain things of the World.  They are unstable where I Am a constant. I never change. Nothing changes WHO I AM.  I AM in control of the winds of adversity, says the Lord. I Am the Master. I Am the builder. I Am the Maker and I AM in charge of all that I have created. Nothing happens that surprises Me and nothing is beyond Me.  Nothing and no one can usurp authority over Me.  Yes, I can still the raging storm. I can cause the contrary winds to be still. I can cause the storm to cease and direct it away from you. NOTHING is outside of My control and authority. So trust in MY protection of you even in the most chaotic times and seasons, says the Lord.

I ask you, is there anything too hard for Me?  Name one thing that is beyond your ability. Name one thing that is beyond My sight. For I am everywhere. I know everything and everyone.  My understanding is infinite. Everything is subject to Me.  There is no person or place or thing bigger than I Am.  And I will take care of you. I will create it when necessary. I will make something out of nothing, for as I call things forth, the COME FORTH.  As I speak, IT IS DONE.  I have equipped you to do as I do and think as I think and be as I AM in your earthly sojourn.  SO arise and declare. Arise and WALK in confidence that your GOD, your everlasting Father is ON TASK, ON TIME and ALL powerful ON YOUR BEHALF, says the Lord.  But as the atmosphere becomes threatening and the storms approach, just run under the shelter of My everlasting wings and let me fully cover you and keep you through every storm of life and bring you safely to your promised land, unscathed and untouched by the enemy, says the Lord.

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