There Is a River


There is a river whose streams thereof will make you glad.¬†This is the peace that I spoke of that is like a river. I Am inviting you to come to this get-away. I Am not shouting and I Am not competing with all the racket that is going on around you. Just like this mystical river, I Am wanting to captivate your attention. Come away from the stress. Come away from the endless activity that is vying for your attention. Come away from the demands of everyone and everything that is screaming for your immediate response. I Am calling you to a calm and quiet moment in My presence where you can BREATHE deeply, and find a refreshing that nothing else and no one else can give. Escape the chaos. Step into the secret place and spend time in the tranquil communion you will readily find with Me. You don’t even have to speak. Don’t cry. JUST BREATHE. BREATHE deeply. IT IS MY BREATH on you! Can you feel it? It is rejuvenating and refreshing you. I want you to have My overwhelming peace.

You have been overwhelmed by the stress that has pressed and pushed and demanded and stretched you. Now be overcome with PEACE. Let it invade you deeply, and satisfy you with My precious, priceless presence. You will not want to leave once you abandon yourself fully to Me! You will just want to bask in the environs of My Spirit that will give you such a calm and a rest that you will wonder what took you so long to come to this get-away I have provided for you. Are you tired? Have you become weary from all the strain! COME, My beloved. I Am waiting for you, and I will refresh you with My peace like a river, says the Lord.

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