Garment of Praise

This Is a Season of Refreshing

Garment of Praise

This is a season of refreshing, says the Lord.  I Am refreshing you in My presence.  I Am giving you the garment of praise for the burdensome heaviness you have been strapped down with.  Join with ME in song, for as you sing to Me, I Am singing My love song to you.  It is a joyful song, and I will lift you into unspeakable joy as you begin to worship Me!  No one stays depressed in My presence.  Sorrow does not exist in My presence, says the Lord.  You will only rejoice and be glad.  It is time for you to be rejuvenated.  I Am renewing your strength.  Just quiet yourself and relax in Me, and let Me handle all the cares of your life.  You will just become worn out with the struggle.  LET ME take care of all of your uncertainties, for there are NO surprises with Me.  I Am able to solve every situation that arises, and I will do it with ease.  So get unburdened!  Take on My easy yoke and light burden and breathe in the new life of My Spirit, says the Lord.

Come and sit at My table and drink of the new wine that will make your heart glad.  Eat of the bread of life that brings healing and health to you in every portion of your existence.  Drink of My living water!  Be at home in My presence, says the Lord.  I have given you the keys to My kingdom and everything that I have is available for you.  No one can take your reserved seat at My table of blessings, and what I have prepared for you belongs TO YOU, says the Lord.  The enemy has no access, and he cannot keep you from enjoying every benefit that I daily load you with.  Come in and be refreshed!  Leave your burdens behind.  You do not have to struggle with them.  It is a really good day to bask in My love and partake of everything that I have provisioned you with, says the Lord, so JUST ENJOY!

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