Trust and Wait

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Trust in Me and wait on Me and I will bring it into being, says the LORD. Did you think that it was outside of My ability? My voice is still speaking with ultimate authority, and I Am still creating. Just as I said, “Let there be light,” and it appeared immediately, the things that I do and perform are without delay. I Am in control of your times and seasons and there is nothing that is incomplete in ME. I Am never late and nothing stands in My way, blocking My view or distracting Me. I have no threats, no fears and no problems, says the LORD. I follow the dictates of My heart and carry out every one of My plans. I keep my promises and ever change My mind. My strategy is always correct and never requires a plan B. Plan A is still the way, and that will not change, for I have NOT changed My mind or purpose or plan or desires, says the LORD.

I Am changing you. As you submit yourself onto Me, and allow Me to be your builder and maker, and follow Me, I will lead you into your destiny that I have prescribed for you while you were yet in the womb of your mother. I will fully shape you and equip you to be all that you desire to be in ME. There is nothing that I cannot do for you and with you, says the LORD. I will complete you and prepare you for every good work in ME, for this is not difficult for me. Entrust Me with your life, for in ME is the fullness of all things, and you will never be disappointed. Are you ready to surrender everything to Me? For what you relinquish control of is will be like clay in My hands, and I will reshape and beautify you into the vessel of honor that I will use greatly, says the LORD. For everything that I create is GOOD, and you are no exception. I will complete the Good work that I have begun in you for My glory, says the LORD.

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