I Will Heal All Your Wounds


I will heal all your wounds and restore health onto you, says the Lord. I want you to be completely whole! As you look into My Word, you will never find that anyone was denied when they called upon Me. I healed every one of them. You are no exception. Healing is what I purchased for you by the many stripes placed upon Me and My finished work on the cross. It is My gift to all who will believe. I sent My Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destruction, I Am the same now and forever, says the Lord. Have faith in Me! Have faith in My Word! My Word is life giving! My Word is life to all your flesh. Attend to My word, for there are many voices that would vie for your attention. Stay focused on ME and what I Am and what I Am saying! I Am Jehovah Rapha, the God that heals YOU! When I said whosoever will may come and drink of the waters of life freely, that is exactly what I meant. The waters of life are healing waters. It is My Spirit, says the Lord. My Spirit is ever present to heal. I Am no respecter of persons! I will not deny you of health and healing, says the Lord. Healing is for you! Good health is for you. My strength is made perfect and complete in your weakness. I place no premium on your pain and suffering, says the Lord.

I Am not the author of sickness, disease and weakness. I Am the giver of life…abundant life. I have come to rebuke the destroyer for your sake. The enemy is the source of all darkness and evil. I Am your total source of light and life! Strengthening, helping and upholding you is what I DO for you always, says the Lord. Do not accept the unacceptable attacks of the enemy as something that I have willed to happen. I did not purpose for you to suffer. I purpose for your deliverance and healing. My will is that you are healed of all your wounds in every aspect of your life. I want to heal your broken hearts and fractured lives. I will heal your finances. I will heal your families and your relationships. I will heal your emotions. I will heal and renew your minds, says the Lord. I said every bit whole, and it includes all of you! Keep your eyes upon Me. Pay close attention to Me! Take your eyes off yourself and your problems and turn toward Me. Trust that I have the welcome sign displayed in My presence, and the door for you is never shut! Come to My table in My presence and drink the living water, eat the bread of life. My body was broken for you that you might be make whole. Partake of the new wine of My Spirit that will make glad your heart! I will, says the Lord. I will heal all your wounds and restore health onto you as you place your total trust in Me.

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