You Shall Reign in Life As a King


You shall reign in life as a King, says the Lord. I have made My beloved children Kings and priests unto Me. It is a now royalty. It is now authority. It is a now dominion. I didn’t make you to be run over; I have made you to rule, says the Lord. This is not just in Heaven, but on earth. As you pray, “My kingdom come and My will be done on earth as it is in heaven, it shall. My kingdom is in you, and I have empowered you with My Spirit and have given you My name to use. There is no other name that is higher. Every knee shall bow in heaven and earth and under the earth to My great name. Every being shall confess Me to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. At My name principalities and powers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places must submit. USE MY NAME, for I have given it to you to conquer the enemy and defeat every dark force. I have given you My name to enforce MY KINGDOM one earth. No power can resist My Name, and it is inscribed upon you. You are mighty through Me! You are undefeatable in Me. You are an overcomer in Me. By My Spirit and power and My great name, you will cause My kingdom purposes and My government to expand around you on earth. ENFORCE My kingdom as you stand in faith and engage in warfare against the enemy, says the Lord.

Do not listen to his threats. You are a threat to him. You are his worst enemy as you arm yourself in My armor and face him head on. You will not be able to be overrun, but you will tread on him. He will be openly defeated, for I have made you more than a conqueror, and more than an overcomer. You don’t just make it and barely win, but you win hands down, says the Lord. I Am with you to insure your success every time, so that you do not lose the battle or the war. NO MORE CONPROMISE with the dark one. NO NEGOTIATIONS. Hold your head up high. Wag your head at the enemy. Let Him know that you are not afraid of him. Never cower. You are the absolute victor in Me every time, for as I cannot be defeated, neither can you. Trust that I have made you a valiant warrior that leads in the fray and has no tolerance for the enemy’s threats. You shall reign in life as a King now, as you arm yourself with Me and strap on the sword of My spirit and face every foe with confidence, knowing that certain victory is yours always, for I wouldn’t have it any other way, says the Lord.

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