I Am Light

Light of the World

I Am light, and in Me is no darkness at all. None. I have made you light. My light cannot be put out. It puts out darkness, says the LORD. My light in you is to put out the darkness around you. Darkness that you see and darkness that is so dense that it can be felt is subject to you. Put out the darkness with My marvelous light. Darkness cannot invade you as dark clouds from the enemy endeavor to encroach your space and interfere with your purposes in Me and distract you from your destiny. The dark one and His dark powers will collide with the light that is in you, and will be pushed back by My light that is in you, says the LORD.

Do not fear the storms of life. Resist them. Stand in Me and rebuke them as I did, for they must obey as you use your faith in Me and My infallible Word. Look at the threatening storms and laugh. Laugh at the enemy strategies and proclaim them to be foiled all the time. He is not in control. I Am. He is not the authority. I AM. And I AM with you. I Am in you, and I have given you authority and authorization to still the storms, rebuke the winds of adversity, silence the negative voice of the enemy, calm the raging seas, and pronounce PEACE! Be still! This is within you, and you are empowered by My SPIRIT to not only defend yourself but be on the offence. You will begin to press against the darkness with light and be the aggressor. You will pursue the enemy and not be the pursued one. You are empowered to destroy his diabolical works, break his weapons, spoil the enemy, loose those that he has held in captivity, and take new territory for My Kingdom. My light will be in you and seen on you and My light is your life and will bring eternal life to many, says the LORD.

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