Feast at My Table


Feast at My table that is spread for you in My presence, says the LORD. Come hungry. Come thirsty. Come desperate. I will respond to your hunger and thirst For Me and what I have for you and fill you up and satisfy you completely. Come empty. Empty out everything that is taking up space and filling you with the things that cannot satisfy you. I will satisfy you! I will respond to your desperation! Seek Me and you will find Me and all that I have for you, says the LORD. For I will lavish My love upon you and pour into you fresh new Joy. I will wine and dine you with hidden manna and fresh new wine that will make your heart glad. I have set the table with priceless and precious gifts that I have prepared for you. Come and dine, says the LORD.

There is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed, for I have hidden treasures for you at the table for you to search out and discover. Abundance and an endless supply awaits you. I will enhance you, enrich you, empower you, energize you and cause you to be expanded in My kingdom for My glory, says the LORD. You will joy in My presence as you become fat and full of My endless blessings upon blessings that I give you freely. Come. Receive. Rejoice! For all that you need and all that you desire and all that you ask for awaits, and I will give you excessive, unusual, abundant blessings that you will not be able to contain as you feast at My table and fellowship with ME, says the LORD.

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