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Press into My Presence


As you press into My presence and seek My perfect will and abandon yourself to Me you will find ME and you will discover all that I have for you. Your kingdom purpose will not only be revealed, but I will fully furnish you for every good work. Let Me and My presence become your priority. For the things done in secret are the most valuable. Come into the secret place and spend much time with me. It will not be a waste. For being busy about My business is not greater than being alone with Me so that I can cause you to be empowered. Seek me with all of your heart and soul and continue to press into ME and I will press into you My glory and it shall be in you and you will be a carrier of My glory and find great favor in My presence as I open up the windows of heaven and pour out My Spirit upon you, says the LORD. I will bless you to be a blessing and give you good success as I remain your focus, says the LORD.

Keep your eyes upon Me, says the LORD, for as you do, you will always be following the LEADER. I Am ahead of you, clearing the path, creating the way and preparing everything for you. I will prepare you for the place that I have for you and you will be there ON TIME! Your times are in MY HANDS. Do not despair when things seem slow. I will set the pace. You will get there and be ready and fully furnished for every good work that I have for you, says the LORD. I have you in My sight all the time and your prayers are heard. I KNOW what you have need of and will not deny you any good thing. I will grant you all that you desire as you focus on Me, trust in Me at all times and take the steps that I order for you. Do not waver in your faith and keep looking ahead, for that is where your destiny is. Be faithful in the small things that only prepare you for the greater things to come. I Am pleased with you and only have the best in store for you. You are making progress. JUST KEEP TRUSTIING and wait on Me and I will bring it to pass, says the LORD.

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