Quiet Yourself


Quiet yourself and hear what I have to say. For I Am speaking. Be still. Be still! Do not let the circumstances in your life move you. Be unshakable, unmovable, always abounding in My Work. For the lies of the enemy will not come to pass. Don’t pay any attention to them. Focus on the truth. I Am the Truth, and I cannot Lie, says the LORD. My Word is dependable, infallible and I honor My WORD. I keep My WORD. Do not let the storms of life alter your trust in ME. For I Am trustworthy. I Am not looking for a reason to abort My promises to you, and nothing can hinder Me from fulfilling them.

Trust in Me at all times and focus your attention on My Word and stand in simplistic, child-like, dependent faith. For it is not what you can do or who you are, but what I can do and Who I Am, says the LORD.

It is not what someone else says, but what I have said, what I AM saying and what I will speak. My voice is within you and I said that MY SHEEP will hear My voice and follow Me. They will run from the stranger who vies for their attention. Quiet the strange voices that are false authorities. Reject the negative opinions of others. Listen to MY VOICE and hear what I have to say! For I will lead and guide you continually and never steer you wrong and never set a trap for you. I will not lead you in circles or set a maze before you to try to figure out. I will make it plain and simple, clear and precise. Do not look to the left or right and do not walk in tormenting fear. Follow the path of peace that I have prepared for you, for I AM your abiding peace at all times, and I will make a way for you that is cleared and light the path before you, take you by the hand and lead you and keep you steady on your feet, says the LORD.

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