Be Calm


Be calm, says the LORD. Peace! Be still! I Am speaking to you and the storms that are within you. BE STILL! Quiet down! Stop fretting right now! I Am with you. I Am on scene! You are safe and secure in Me. I have you. I Am in control of your circumstances and I will take care of you always. This is no different than yesterday or the day before or the weeks and months and years before. I have brought you this far, and I will complete you, says the LORD. Nothing is a threat to Me, and I want you to be steady and stable. For I Am your foundation. You will not be moved. You will not be destroyed. You will not be harmed. I have you, says the LORD.

Nothing is out of My control even when it is spinning out of your control and others cannot bring any remedy. I have not failed, cannot fail and will not fail you. CALM DOWN NOW! Stop relying on what you can do or someone else can do and believe that I AM with you as your CAN DO and WILL do GOD! You may ask, “What will I do?” Wait and see! Wait on Me! Stop crying and start believing! For you will see My salvation. I Am your defense. I Am your attorney, the One called along side to help. I Am in control of everything, and that is exactly what you can believe Me for. I will do everything for you that you will believe Me for. I will affect it, change it, and bring you to the safety of My pavilion. I will calm the storms without, as you stay calm and quiet and confident in ME. I will give you a quiet peace now!

My people, Israel of old rejoiced greatly as I delivered them from their oppressive enemy that held them in bondage. They went out with a high hand from Egyptian bondage, after a mighty deliverance. They spoiled their oppressors. But when the enemy chased after them, they began to doubt Me. Do not fear the enemy. Do not fear the circumstances. FEAR ME, for I Am the Almighty GOD in the midst of you and you will not be destroyed. Even as I parted the Red Sea for My people and created a path for them, I will do the same for you, and your enemy will not benefit from this path of escape I have created for you. You will have light and provision and the enemy will drown in the very place your feet walk. Your enemy is My enemy and I will defend you and bring you certain victory, every time, says the LORD. BE CALM, and trust in My unfailing presence and power in your life and your promised land that you will possess. For what I promise, I do, and none can stop Me, says the LORD. BE STILL and wait on Me and I will bring it to pass, for you!

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