Bigger than the Book

earth globe facing asia with sun halo
earth globe facing asia with sun halo

I Am bigger than the Book, says the LORD, for the world that I created cannot contain all that I have said and done. I Am still speaking. I Am still creating. Think beyond what has been written, for I will do the unrecorded, the uncharted and the unknown. I will do that which no one ever heard of or imagined, for I Am GOD. Think big, for you cannot outthink Me. Look beyond the natural and make room for the supernatural, for I will WOW you with the spectacular and signs and wonders are the normal for Me. Expect them! I have stretched out My hands and created all things that exist and framed the world by My Word. Trust that I Who created you will take care of you and will not leave you on your own to fulfill that which I have ordained for your life. I will lead you one step at a time and provision every step that I order, says the LORD.

Do not frustrate yourself with endless questions of, “Who, what, when, where, how and why.” Trust Me with everything in your life and believe that I will perfect that which concerns you. I Am way ahead of you, preparing the way that I already prescribed for your life. You don’t have to know everything in advance and you don’t have to understand. Just know that I have everything in My hands and I will do it! I will bring you into your full destiny in Me. The process is not your destiny. You are being shaped and molded for what I have for you, and you will be fully equipped for every good purpose I have for you under the sun. Nothing is too fast or slow. Your times are in My hands and I will set the pace. Just yoke up with Me to My easy yoke and light burden and simply follow Me, says the LORD. You have nothing to be worried about and you will not be disappointed, says the LORD.

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