Blessed This Day


I have blessed this day that I have created for you, says the LORD. I have blessed you to be a blessing. As I add no sorrow to what I have blessed you with, you will not add sorrow with what you have to give through me, either. Every good gift comes from Me. I Am the unspeakable gift in you and MY Spirit remains in you. As you have received, I want you to give, says the LORD. Be joyful in this day and let My joy that is unimpeachable flow out of you into your environs and touch the lives of others. Let the fullness of My joy, My unspeakable joy, My abundant joy become a gift that changes people, places and things around you as it becomes a part of you that cannot be hidden or contained, says the LORD.

Sorrow is not of Me, and I will satisfy you with life giving joy and laughter. I will give you a new song of praise and thanksgiving as you bask in My daily renewable compassion and faithfulness this day. I have more for you, and will not extract from you. I give abundantly to you and not mere satisfaction. Let your heart be filled with praise as you come into My presence where there is joy forevermore and receive every benefit that I daily load you with. You will see that you can give out of the abundance and never lose anything, for what you give out is easily and completely replaced, and you will not suffer any loss or have less for the abundance that I continually pour into you, says the LORD.

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