Come as You Are


Come to Me as you are, says the LORD. You are not unacceptable to Me. You will not be turned away. You will not be refused or denied. You have access to Me right now. COME! COME! I said that I will not cast out anyone who comes to ME. NO ONE will be banished from ME that comes. I Am not repelling you! I am wooing you, calling to you, drawing you with cords of love. I Am compelling you to come! I will give rest to the weary. I will give food to the hungry! I will give comfort to those who mourn. I will beautify you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness! I will heal your wounds! I will empower you! I will not judge you or condemn you or turn My back on you! I created you, and I care about you, says the LORD!

Just COME to me! You will find MY LOVE, not My rebuke. You will find peace and joy, not contempt and sorrow. You will see that My compassions for you FAIL NOT! You will discover My unfailing faithfulness for you. I will help you and I will heal you! I will fill you and you will be fat and full of My unimpeachable blessings upon blessings that have no attached sorrow and cannot be taken away from you. I paid the price for you by My complete and finished work on the cross for you and MY blood that was shed for you. Receive of ME freely and come now to receive all that I have for you that is endless, inexhaustible, and full of priceless treasures gifts that are for you on the table of My presence for you to discover and enjoy, says the LORD. For there is nothing that you need that is not already supplied at the table, and I will give you more than you could ever ask, think or imagine, just for coming to Me as your Almighty GOD and receiving all that I have for you continually, says the LORD.

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