Covenant Keeper


I Am a covenant keeper says the Lord, and I will not break My covenant with you, will not lie or change My will, purpose or plan, will not change directions and will not break My promises. When I speak, it is done, even as I said, Let there be light and there was immediate light. I did not need to declare it again. It was so, and it was good. I watch over My Word to perform it. I know what I Am saying and what I Am doing. They align with each other, for I know the end from the beginning. I never fail. My Word will not fail. My promises will not fail to come to pass. What I say, I do, for I Am the Living Word, says the Lord.

Even as I perform My Word, I ask you to be as I Am. Perform what you have promised. Do not break covenants that you have made. Do not break covenant with Me. Be A doer of My Word and let My love overrule your emotions as you renew your minds to align with My Word. I have spoken and now speak. Speak My word over every decision, every difficulty, and over every person, place and thing in your life. Mountain moving faith is not passive, but activated by the sword if My Spirit, My infalible, powerful Word in your mouth. Let not your words be idle Words that do nothing, affect nothing and are powerless, faithless, empty, void verbage. Let My Word be in your heart and mouth and know that I will not allow it to fall to the ground or be invalid and unpriductive, as you decree it faithfullly and boldly and firmly embrace it with steady, bold, deternined, unwavering faith, says the Lord.

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