Don’t Be Anxious

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Don’t be anxious about anything, says the LORD. Trust in ME at all times. You do not have to worry or fret about the future that is already in My hands. I Am in control of everything and nothing escapes My attention. You do not have to try to convince Me. I Am all knowing. I see the very desires and intent of your heart. I know the way that you take and I know what you have need of even before you ask. Believe that I AM not only aware, but I orchestrate your life. I order your steps and I am the One who aligns you with Me and your purpose that I have for you, says the LORD. I am not shaken by the circumstances and events that surround you, and I cannot be defeated by them. I have also called you to be unshakable, unmovable, always abounding in MY Work, says the LORD.

Do not waver in your faith and do not let fear grip your heart. I will complete the good work that I have begun in you, for I have no unfinished business. All is within My power, and there is nothing outside of My reach. Abandon your fears and employ your faith. You will not be delayed in your destiny and you will not need to run on empty. I will pour strength into you and give you hope and peace while you release the anxiety and refuse to be among the company of the fearful and unbelieving, says the LORD.

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