Each Step That You Take


Each step that you take that I order for you will be a step up, says the LORD. You will ascend. You will come up higher. With each new level your vision will improve and you will not only have more clarity, but you will see broader and further than before. You will be able to see the progress that you have made as you remember where I brought you from. You are making progress, says the LORD, and things are changing for you. What you saw in your narrow vision at precious levels has shifted into a vision that is now far reaching. The days of small things are coming to a close to make way for the greater purpose that I have for you, says the LORD.

As you were not to despise the days of small things that prepared you for each new level, do not despise the process. For I Am downloading into you more at each new level that is essential for your destiny. I Am building not only you, but I Am preparing the place for you that will fulfill your destiny. Each step is perfectly connected to the one before and the one after, and you will be furnished onto every good work that I have called you to do. It will be fulfilled on My schedule, for your times are in My hands. You will fulfill every good purpose that I have for you under the sun, for My kingdom and power and glory, says the LORD, and you will be fully satisfied.

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