Enforce My Kingdom


Enforce, enforce, enforce My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the Lord. Diligently seek Me and My kingdom with all your heart. Let that be your first and utmost pursuit. For this must be your foundation, your desire, your focus and your primary endeavor. Give Me My rightful place and press into Me and My kingdom. For I will press My Spirit into you and enable you to be an enforcer of My kingdom as a mighty warrior, says the Lord. Follow hard after Me, for I Am now weighing people and even places in the balances. I Am separating the diligent from the complacent. I have called the many, and will choose the choice. I have drawn the line and now require an answer. Choose this day whom you will serve, says the Lord for indecision is not an option. Get serious and get off the fence. Be on fire for Me and make up your mind, says the Lord.

I have firmly spoken, and the war games are over. This is not a drill. Whosoever will may come, and whosoever will, I shall receive. I will save to the utmost, says the Lord, and none that call upon My name will be lost. But I Am choosing the brave, the bold, the detetmined, the decisive, the prepared, the ready for battle, says the Lord.

Man your battle stations. Put on your armor. Lift up your shield of faith in Me. Are you ready? Are you willing? I have enabled and equipped you to be a mighty conqueror and enforcer. Are you willing and able now to engage? I Am ready to invade with My holy remnant warriors. For the battle is Mine even as it is MY kingdom. Lock and load your weapons of warfare that are mighty through Me and march forward and comence using them. Engage the enemy head on and fiercely enforce My kingom of righteousness, peace, power and joy in My Spirit on the earth as it is in heaven, for the time is short and the time is at hand, says the Lord.

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