Entrust Your Yourself to Me


I will confound the plans of the enemy that is against you and confuse his counsel, as you entrust your yourself to Me, says the LORD. I will make his wisdom foolishness and make him as weak as water. I will defeat him and bring him to certain exposed shame as he has openly shamed My Name, says the LORD. I Am a great and mighty King, and I have set My name upon you. I have placed My SPIRIT in you, and I will not be mocked. I will not be overrun. I will not be trampled under foot, but I will cause you to tread upon demons and devils as I have empowered you to do by My Spirit in YOU. I will defend you and shield you and keep you by My mighty power, says the LORD.

I will turn things around for you. What seemed to the end will only be a new beginning of something Good. What seemed like a closed door that was bolted and barred and permanently shut will only lead you to the open door that I have for you that no man can close. What seemed to be a death sentence will reap abundant life. Trust that when I said turn around, you will turn around as well and see that I have made all things new for you, and will restore the wasted years and the ruins will be rebuilt and you will walk again in a place of honor and authority will be returned to you, says the LORD.

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