Equipping You to Endure

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I Am equipping you to endure hardness as a good soldier in My mighty kingdom, says the LORD. For though perilous times shall come, I Am giving you POWER to overcome and overwhelm the enemy, though he may come against you to trouble you on every side. I will surround you with a wall of Fire and place My glory within you, says the LORD. Fear NOT, for your faith will not fail and you will prevail as a violent contender of your faith that is in ME. There is a cause. There is an effect, and I will be the cause and effectually work in you and through you and proclaim that you are undefeatable and untouchable, says the LORD.

I have placed MY Mark on you and My name is inscribed upon you. You are not a name dropper, but KNOW MY NAME and the power that is from ME. You are sealed with MY SPRIT and an enforcer of MY KINGDOM on earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD. I will link you arm in arm and hand in hand with Me and those who I have called together for such a time as this to show forth MY MIGHTY power on the earth. Perils will not overpower Me, and I will not be defeated, My kingdom is without end, and My glory will be seen in you, My radiant light will shine on you, and you will be valiant, courageous, undeniably powerful and undefeatable, says the LORD, as you fearlessly engage the enemy, invade his camp, push him back, open prison doors and loose many from their captives and set them free, says the LORD.

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