Friendship Me


Friendship Me and not the world, says the LORD. Be like My servant, Abraham. He was My friend because He chose to be. He chose ME. He obeyed ME. He followed Me. He chose to trust in Me. He chose to walk in the light of My infallible Word. He pleased Me well, and I prospered Him. I gave Him long life and satisfied the desires of His heart. I will do all this for you! I have no favorites and I will not exempt you from the best that I have and the greatest that I Am. I will always be that friend that sticks with you closer than a brother. I will be the ONE Who is at your side when no one else will stand with you through the long, dark night. I WILL never leave you. I will bring you through every trial and test, and what seems to be too much for you to handle, will not be. I will secure you and strengthen you and help you and uphold you, and the long, dark night will give way to the brightness of the new day that I create for you, says the LORD.

You will not need to fear anything or anyone or any other power. For I Am with you! Who can withstand ME? Who can contest ME and succeed? NOTHING. NO ONE! I Am the Almighty GOD that always causes you to triumph in ME. I said Always. Nothing slips through the cracks, for I stand in that gap for you. There is no access to you when I Am your shield! Nothing gets past Me, and I stand between you and the enemy, to keep you in My care night and day. I will not leave you defenseless and vulnerable to the enemy’s strategies and traps, for I will expose him and foil his plans. He cannot outwit Me and I will not have you destroyed. I have sent My WORD to heal you and deliver you from all your destruction, and MY WORD is unsurpassed. It remains when all the dust settles. What does not remain is the enemy’s weapons that will not succeed against you. The enemy will not prevail against you. His decrees are useless. His curses will not stick. I STICK! MY WORD stands. You will withstand the enemy with HOLY BOLDNESS because you will KNOW YOUR GOD is with you and on your side, and Nothing will defeat you! Make Me your best Friend and know that I will never allow you to be overrun by the evil one, and you victory is always assured, says the LORD.

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