Frustrations and Delays


Frustrations and delays are not what I have given to you, says the LORD. They are the work of the enemy. I never use confusion and I Am not the author of the trials and tribulation. I Am the author of PEACE. I have great peace for you even in the middle of conflict, says the LORD. For My peace is like a river, ever-flowing and moving and reaching. It will not only reach you and sustain you through the long nights and the storms of life, but it will invade the environs in your life and reach those that you love around you. I desire you to have peace at all times. I AM your abiding peace, says the LORD.

Nothing can separate you from My love and My peace and MY presence, says the LORD. Come and enjoy Me and the benefits that I have daily loaded you with. They are not just sufficient, but abundant. I desire you to be free of worry and light hearted. Let My peace penetrate you as you trust in Me at all times. I have a plan for your life and you have purpose in ME. I Am the author of it all, and nothing can disrupt Me or My plan and purposes, says the LORD. I Am in complete control of everything, and nothing escapes My attention. I have detailed plans for your life and I will fulfill every good work in you that I have begun as you entrust everything to Me and submit to My perfect will for you, and I will bring it to pass, says the LORD.

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