Higher Gear

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I Am shifting you into a higher gear, says the LORD, and this time with a smooth clutch action. You have been jolted and jerked and transitioned with stops and goes, stalls and restarts in the PAST. The past is not the definer of the NOW, says the LORD. I Am calling for a calm. I Am calling for the ease and comfort and joy of the NEW. I am removing the bumps and the pitfalls and the debris that would cause you to stumble and fall. I will propel you forward with speed that is not going to terrify you, but step up the pace. You have been stuck in the snail pace mode long enough, says the LORD.

I Am taking you off the treadmill where you have walked and ran and gotten NOWHERE, fast says the Lord. It has been unproductive, even though you felt it was a good exercise. Your beginning remained an end in itself as everything became redundant and you did not move forward. You repeated the same steps over and over and the scenes remained the same. All you did was become weary. Enough, says the LORD. ENOUGH! You will move forward with a change of scenery and the steps you take will take you forward toward your promised land of possession, says the LORD.

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