I Am Light

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I Am light in the very darkest corners of YOUR LIFE, says the LORD. You need not walk in darkness. You are a child of the day, not of the night. I have taken you OUT OF darkness and placed you into My kingdom of light. IT IS MARVELOUS LIGHT, says the LORD. There is NO Darkness at all in ME and there is to be no darkness in you either. Even the night shall be light onto you, for even as I was a fire by night for My people long ago in the wilderness, I Am a fire by night to you, to insure that you do not stumble or fall. You have light. You are light. Just keep walking in Me and you will be walking in the lighted path that I have prepared for you, says the LORD.

Do not fear he next steps, for I will not only brighten the path for you, but I will clear the Way. I Am with you, holding you by My own right hand, and will keep you steady. The adventure is ahead! GET EXCITED! The new is not above and beyond your reach and will not exceed your abilities to embrace it, for I Am preparing you for the place that I have for you, says the LORD. You will be fully equipped for what I have for you to do, even though you have not been this way before. I HAVE, and I KNOW the WAY that you take. I Am trustworthy all the time. I will order every step that you are to take and provision you all the way. I WILL GO ALLTHE WAY with you and you will safely reach your land of promise and will be fully armed to possess your possessions that await you as you walk in the lighted path that is before you, says the LORD.

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