I Am More than Enough

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I Am more than enough, says the LORD. I will give you in access of your need and even your desire, for I Am more than sufficient for you. Trust in Me for the highest and the greatest and the best, says the LORD. You do not have to compromise or settle for less than I have for you. I own everything and all things are in My control. It is not any more difficult for Me to give you an abundance than it is for Me to just meet your need. Trust that My riches in glory are reserved for you to receive. There is no end to them and I will pour out My blessings upon you as never before as you receive them by simple childlike faith In Me, says the LORD.

I do not want you to just get by, but I have an abundant supply for you. Look beyond your need and see that I have much more for you. What can you believe Me for, I ask? For it is according to your faith that you will obtain little or much. My blessings enrich you, and I add no sorrow to them. No pain is attached to the gifts that come from Me, for they are perfect. Do not place a boundary on what you will believe Me for, because you can never ask beyond My ability to give. I Am the Almighty GOD, and nothing is too difficult for Me. Take Me at MY Word and trust Me for the spectacular. Believe that I perform miracles and that I Am no respecter of persons. It is according to your faith that you will have whatever you can trust me for. The table is spread for you in My presence where you will receive an endless supply and bountiful blessings just for the asking and receiving, says the LORD.

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