I Am Your Comfort and Joy

I Am your comfort and joy, says the LORD. Enter into that place of peace in My presence and partake of what I have reserved for you. My presence goes before you to give you rest. I have unspeakable joy for you that cannot be obtained anywhere else. It is endless and real. Come and enjoy sweet fellowship with Me and know the comfort of My embrace that holds you close to Me. I Am gentle and full of loving-kindness. You will not need to fear approaching Me, for I desire you and long for fellowship with you. I Am calling you to enjoy Me. Bask in My presence and be filled with My Spirit. I will refresh you and build you up and comfort you in the shelter of My arms, says the LORD.

I have good gifts for you that will astound you, says the LORD. Come into the secret place and discover what I have reserved for you to there. Hidden treasures await you that will WOW you and cause your heart to rejoice. I love to lavish My good gifts upon you and watch your face light up as you are surprised by the sudden, unexpected blessings that I will unveil for you. I will restore comforts onto you and give you joy and peace that cannot be extracted from you or comparable to anything that you have ever known before, says the LORD.

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