I Care for Your Soul


I care for your soul, says the LORD. I Am with you when no one wants to be or will. I will walk with you always and hold your hand. Do not lean on arms of the flesh. They will fail you. They will not support you. They will not remain. Even as I said in My WORD to strengthen that which remains, know that when the dust settles that I Am with you. I remain. My Word remains. My promises to you remain. I remain after the winds of adversity stop blowing and you pick up the storm damage or clean up all that is destroyed and mourn losses. These things are only temporal, says the LORD I AM, and there is none other beside ME. And I REMAIN your faithful companion and friend that sticks closer to you than a brother, a mother, a spouse, a friend or acquaintance. I AM, and I will NOT fail you, and you will know that what is proportioned to you from Me is not only more than enough, but cannot be taken from you. Do not mourn your losses but celebrate what remains. My SPIRIT remains with you and you will be fat and full of MY blessings that enrich you and I add no corresponding sorrow to them, says the LORD.

MY BLESSINGS are irrevocable and immutable and eternal, and as you receive that which cannot be taken from you, you will also KNOW that I Am not only your source and exceeding, great reward, but I Am a shelter to you, your provider, your caregiver and you will not be unfurnished or unkept, says the LORD. I AM your KEEPER, and I Am with you night and day, at all times, and you will not have to be concerned about your daily needs that are under MY authority and ability to provide. PUT ME FIRST and FOREMOST in your life and let the other things be added onto you. They will be, for I Am faithful, and I will abide with you and meet your need, and give you unspeakable, unimpeachable gifts that can never be extracted from you in time and eternity, says the LORD.

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