I Have Not Forgotten You


I have not forgotten you, says the LORD. I call you unforgettable. Though you feel as though nothing is happening and everything is at a stand still, do not fret. Your times and seasons are in My hands. You are not on a treadmill. Do not fret the process or the progress that seems to be at a stalemate. I Am preparing you. I Am downloading new things in you. I Am stretching you, for what I have for you to do. You were not big enough, so I have expanded you for the expanded borders that I Am giving you. You will be ready when the door opens for you. Trust that nothing is for nothing! Do you understand that the nothing that you see is something? I Am the substance of all things that exist and the empty things in our eyes are not purposeless. I Am causing this as well. For that which I extract from you will make room for what I desire to put in you. For you will only be able to give what you have, says the LORD.

Out of the abundance of what I give you, you will give, and this will not deplete you, but will flow out of you. You will not need to fear, for as a well of My wisdom and Knowledge and Spirit springs forth from you, remember that it is an endless spring of My Living Water that will not dry up or cease. As it moves, it remains fresh and will never become stagnant. Even now I Am stirring you. You feel the uneasiness and the rumbling and the moving within. Yes, the springs are about to spill out in an unrelenting way. They will spill out in your environs and bring life to those dead and dry places that have been baron and unproductive. They will flourish as the desert that I said would blossom and the dry places will be saturated with the Waters of My Spirit that will spring forth from you. They are LIFE giving and will generate life, says the Lord. For only life will bring life and only good seed will produce good fruit and I Am life in you and will produce life that will flow out of you and bring forth that which is NEW LIFE, says the LORD.

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