I Have Preserved You


I have preserved you in your coming in and going out, says the LORD. I have kept you all the days of your life. I have made a path for you and ordered every step. I have cleared the way. I Am your GOOD Shepherd and you belong to Me. There is nothing about you that is insignificant. I will supply all your need and give you even more than that, says the LORD, for I Am El Shaddai, the GOD that is more than enough, powerful enough and unsurpassed! Trust in Me at all times. For My love for you is unlimited, My power is endless and My provision is always for you. I will supply your need according to your faith and trust in ME, by My Spirit, says the LORD.

Let Me be your first pursuit and greatest desire and watch Me do the rest. For as you pursue Me, your blessings from Me will pursue you and spill out into your environs, meeting not only your needs, but of those you love. Be faithful, says the LORD, and be patient. For I have never abandoned you, and I have kept you and will be your continual source and caregiver all the days of your life. Wait on Me and let Me be your guide continually. I will take you by the hand and lead you, one step at a time that I order, and as you shift your care and the care of those you love onto Me, you will see that I will sustain those you love as well as you. I will carry all of you according to your faith in Me, says the LORD, who cannot and will not fail you. I will complete what I have started and perfect that which concerns you for My purpose and glory, by My power, says the LORD.

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