I Make You New

I Am birthing in you the new, says the LORD. New is not a do over or a make over, for I make you new. You are a new creation in Me. It is My doing. I need not undo. I DO! I Work. I affect! I change! I equip for the new and the best! Best is not better. I do not settle for less than a good and perfect and complete Work in you, says the LORD. There are no incompletes in Me and MY work is never less than I Am. I perfect all things and will beautify you with My glory that will be seen on you, says the LORD.

It is My radiant glory I give you grace and glory, and My gifts are unimpeachable, even as My
Word and will and Work are perfect and complete. You are precious in My sight and I have made you holiness unto Me! I have sanctified you for My purposes and you belong to ME! I will use you in My kingdom and your destiny in Me will be complete and on schedule. Be assured that what I do on earth will not be accomplished without you, for I will not by-pass you. You will not be on the bench, hidden in the closet or obscure. I will bring you to the forefront where My light and life will be seen in you as I say onto you, “Arise and shine, for your day has come.”

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