It Has Begun in You

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The new has already begun, says the LORD. It has begun in you. I Am making you new in Me by My Spirit. I Am settling you. I Am establishing you. I Am establishing in you the newness and nowness of My presence and power and glory. My Word is forever settled and established in heaven, and I Am establishing you in MY infallible Word, says the LORD. I Am establishing you in MY Work! I Am establishing you in My will, says the LORD. For My Word and My Work and My Will are always in alignment and agreement and always congruent and inseparable, says the LORD.

I Am aligning you with My Word and My Work and My will, says the LORD. I Am bringing you into agreement and unity with ME! My Word is unsurpassed, penetrating, healing, saving, life giving and unfailing. As you align with My Word, you will be in line with My will, and MY work shall be established in you and around you and through you as you link up in ME and let Me settle you and establish My perfect will in you. It is a NOW settling and a now alignment and a now establishing, says the LORD. For My purposes will unfold and I will establish you into your full kingdom position and purpose as you abandon yourself to Me and become one with ME, says the LORD. For it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and that as I Am in heaven, you will be on earth, and that you will enforce My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

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