Loosed from Your Infirmities


I have loosed you from your infirmities and set you free, says the LORD. You are not bound, but free. WALK FREE! Run FREE! Be FREE, for nothing can bind you. Nothing can stop you. Nothing can detain you. Nothing can hold you back. MOVE FREE. Arise and walk, for no boundaries and walls and strongholds are of Me. Tear them down. Don’t just look at them. Tear them down with My sword. Speak to the mountains and believe, for they will move at your command. I have empowered you to be free and bring freedom to others. Why stand still till you die? FORWARD. MARCH! You have your marching orders and are fully equipped to go forward in ME. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! No chains or encumbrances can keep you back. GO! GO! GO, says the LORD!

You have gone round and round long enough. Get off the treadmill that has tired you and gotten you nowhere at all. The faster you have gone the more disoriented you have become. Stop! GET OFF! Get on with Me toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in ME. Link with Me, the unlimited ONE. Your treadmill thoughts and ways are keeping you from experiencing the vast that I have for you. The unexplored awaits. The higher exists. The boundaries are only an illusion of the enemy. Shake off the narrow and the small and the mundane and the rote and look beyond, for you are not boxed in, and I have liberated you to MOVE FORWARD in Me, says the LORD.

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