Loosed from Your Infirmity


Be loosed from your infirmity, says the LORD of GLORY. Be loosed and set free! I Am the liberator. I Am the deliverer. I AM the HEALER. Be loosed and set free! WALK! Walk free! I have not bound you or imprisoned you. I have not weakened you or fettered you. I have come to liberate you and break the chains and fetters and open the prison doors and shine light into the deepest, darkest dungeons of your life where you have been held hostage, says the LORD. Arise! Shake off the fetters and the chains and walk free. For I Am the ONE who has loosed you and set you free, says the LORD.

Walk in liberty! Walk in My light! Walk in My infallible Word. Walk in My SPIRIT! Arise and Walk in NEW LIFE and liberty that I have given you! IT IS FOR YOU! BELIEVE and RECEIVE, for you must act. You must be a partaker of what I freely give to you as you activate your faith in Me! I will break through the darkness and give you light. I will break through the defeat and give you victory. I will break through your sorrow and give you JOY. I will break through weeping and give you laughter! I will break through your pain and give you release! My breaker angel is on task to loose you from depression and give you gladness of heart. I want you lighthearted and joyful, free and whole, says the LORD. BE LOOSED from your infirmities and set free, and walk in life and liberty and unspeakable joy, says the LORD.

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