My Mercy Endures Forever


My mercy endures forever, says the LORD. For I Am a God of compassion and mercy. I have given you My sure promises, and you can trust in MY infallible Word. I promised to keep you night and day. I promised to lead you and direct your path. I Am your Keeper that WILL order your steps and guide you continually. There is never a time that you have to wonder if I have abandoned you, for I cannot and will not, says the LORD. You are My beloved that I have purchased by My own blood that cleanses you from all unrighteousness now. All that you need is completed by My finished work on the cross. I paid in full for every need that you have, and you are precious and priceless to Me, says the LORD.

Even as I promised, I will supply your need. I will be your defense. I Am your place of safety and you will always have refuge in Me. You are safe and secure in My unfailing hands that hold you. Trust that times and seasons do not exempt you from My care. For I Am changeless and My Word to you cannot lie. Believe. Receive. Embrace My promises, for they are the truth that endures forever and you can trust in Me at all times, says the LORD.

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