Mighty Conqueror


Never give up, says the LORD. I didn’t make you a quitter, but a mighty conqueror in Me. Help is on the way! I am sending reinforcements to you of My angelic host to fight for you. I will help you and keep you steady on your feet in Me, for I will undergird you and overshadow you. My presence will surround you and I will break in pieces the enemy and defend you. My wall of fire is around you, and My glory is in the midst of you and will fill you. You are not a coward, and the enemy will run from you in terror, for I have empowered you to defeat him and send him back to the pit where he belongs, says the LORD.

Don’t become weary in the fray or battle fatigued. Trust that the fight has already called, and you are the winner. The enemy cannot prevail over you. I have equipped you for the battle with the Sword of My Spirit that is your weapon that will cut the head off of the Python and pierce through leviathan and destroy their diabolical works. No weapon formed against you will succeed, for the battle is Mine and I never lose a fight. You are undefeatable in Me and I will insure that the enemy will not destroy you or take away the things that belong to you, says the LORD. You are a winner, not a loser and I will always cause you to triumph in ME. You will stand on the neck of the enemy and he will not rise again, says the LORD.

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