My Free Gift

My grace is sufficient for you, says the LORD. It is My free gift for you. Just receive all that I have freely given to you by unwavering faith in Me. I have already accomplished everything that you need by My finished work on the cross and shed blood for you. I have given you new life in Me. All that you need has already been accomplished for you. Receive all that I have for you. It belongs to whosoever will come to Me and receive freely of Me. You are no exception. My love for you is unimpeachable. Receive that as well. For you will never be loveless and you will never be alone. I Am with you always and nothing good will I withhold from you. Trust in My love for you. Trust in Me. For there is nothing that you need that I Am not good for, says the LORD.

I have released you from bondage and set you free to serve Me. I brought you out of darkness into My marvelous light. Walk in that light and be all that I have created you to be and do all that I have assigned you to do. I have provisioned you for what I called you to do. I have fully furnished you for every good work. I have positioned you to be a valuable instrument of righteousness in My hands for My kingdom and you will even bear fruit in your old age as you set yourself apart for My purposes. You will be an “ever-bearer” in My kingdom and your labors will not be vain in Me, says the LORD.

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  2. Thank You, Lord Jesus and Lord God !!! Please send your Hyundai Spirit that I may live up to it be your Grace. Amen

  3. Amen, Thank you Lord for everything

  4. Amen ,Hallelujah to God be the glory

  5. Amen praise Jesus name Amen

  6. I receive you with all my heart amen

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