My Grace Is Sufficient

My grace is sufficient and abundant for you, says the LORD. For I Am your sufficiency. I Am life to you. It is abundant life. I have abundant resources for you that cannot be exhausted. I have more than enough for you, for as I Am, I do! I Am El Shaddai, the GOD that is more than enough. I do not give you scraps that fall from the table for you to crawl around and gather so that you can get by. I have invited you to sit with Me at My table and enjoy the benefits that I daily load you with. There is an endless supply of fresh bread there. The new wine flows that will gladden your heart. You will have all that you need and MORE, says the LORD. Come and dine. For everything you need is there in great supply so that you can be blessed to become a blessing, says the LORD.

Be as I Am! For I Am full of tender mercy. I Am gracious and kind. I Am forgiving. I Am generous. I Am full of compassion and My heart is tender toward you, says the LORD. Let this become you as you walk in My steps that I order for you and become all that I Am. For what I give you, is what I want you to give. As I love you, love others. For My love cannot be exhausted. Let My love flow out of you as a river. For I will fill you to overflowing so that you can be a conduit of My presence, My power, My Spirit and My glory. I have freely given unto you so that you can freely give. For I Am the source of all that you are and have, and it shall not be depleted, you shall not be without a fresh and flowing supply and I will be glorified through you, says the LORD.

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