No More Mourning


No more mourning, says the LORD. I want you to sing the songs of victory. Sing aloud and make melody in your heart to Me, for the former things are passed away and I Am giving you a new song of praise. Lift up your voice like a trumpet and shout for joy, for you are undefeated and the enemy is under your foot. I will give you joy for your sorrow. Look up. Look up! Look up, says the LORD; Lift up those hands that hang down and be joyful in Me, for I will always cause you to triumph in Me.

You are not bound, but you are free. There is nothing that can hold you down, for I have set you free. Walk in the liberty that I have purchased for you by My shed blood and broken body for you on the cross. I have given you new life in Me. It is abundant and complete. I want you light hearted and carefree, says the LORD. Rejoice in this new day that I have given you, for my favor rests upon you and I have given you grace and glory and blessed you with all spiritual blessings that will spill out into your environs and cause you to be fat and full of My blessings upon blessings upon blessings, says the LORD.

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