Gods ability

Not Beyond My Ability

Gods ability

The things that you are struggling with are not complicated for Me, says the LORD. The questions that you have are not beyond My ability to solve. I am never puzzled. I Am never frustrated. I Am never threatened and I Am never wrong. I cannot be delayed and nothing stands in My way. I Am unstoppable and there is NO OTHER GOD beside ME. I Keep my promises and there is nothing that can stop Me from fulfilling My Word. Trust in My infallible WORD, for it does not change with the times and seasons and circumstances in your life. I cannot be changed and My WORD will not be able to be altered. It remains stable and firm and will outlast your earthly sojourn. It is eternal. I do not change My mind and cannot lie, says the LORD.

Trust in My Word, for as you stand on it, you will live in it, says the LORD. I Am telling you that you will live in the fullness of My WORD as you believe. To the extent that you stand on My WORD in total trust is the extent that you will see it unfold in your life. For your life is hid in Me and I Am the Living Word. You will live and move and have your being in My Word, for it cannot be separate from ME. Dwell in My Word and you will dwell in Me. Trust in My Word, and you will be trusting in ME. My Word is Spirit and Life, and as you embrace the fullness of My Word, you will receive the fullness of ME, says the LORD. For My Word will become a tangible reality in your life to the degree that you believe and receive, and surely you will have what you fully trust Me for, and surely you will be all that you desire to be through Me and My Word that works wonderfully in you and through you, and you will be My vessel of honor that I will use for My glory in proportion to your faith in Me and My inseparable, infallible Word, says the LORD.

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