I Have Not Forgotten You


I have not forgotten you, says the LORD. I have heard the cry of your heart and know what you need even before you ask. I will never abandon you, abuse you, mistreat you or deny any good thing from you. Even as I have kept you all the days of your life, I Am keeping you now and will keep you. You are never out of My sight and I always hear you when you call. Do not fret. Look at the past and remember the things that I have done for you. See the things that I have brought you through even when you wondered how I could do it. I did, says the LORD. I have supplied all of your need and you have been blessed by Me. I will bless you, says the LORD. I will help you. I will not forsake you and I Am a promise keeper. Even now I AM on task in your life, and though your steps seem slow, they are ordered by Me. Nothing is wasted, and I will accomplish in you everything that I have promised as you move in the direction that I have ascribed for your life, says the LORD.

Even as the Children of Israel were covered by the cloud of My presence and camped in one spot until I moved, so it is with you. Know that I will do the leading and when it is time for you to move forward, I will not only direct you, but nudge you. You are learning, growing and changing, and I Am preparing you for what I have for you, says the Lord. Trust in Me at all times and hold onto My unfailing hand that will keep you steady on your feet and keep you from falling. For My hands created you, My hands protect you, My hands provide for you, My hands support you and My hands will guide you continually. Walk with Me and let me set the pace as you totally lean on Me and know that I will not lead you astray. You are making progress and I have good plans for you. You will not be a failure to thrive, for My life is in you, and you will accomplish those things that are only a dream right now as I have downloaded into you My plan and purpose that will be fulfilled in its prescribed time, says the LORD.

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