Path of Righteousness

I will lead you in the path of righteousness, says the LORD. I Am your righteousness. I Am your source and supply. I Am the voice that leads you. You have never been alone. I have never left you to make decisions on your own without My counsel. I Am your wisdom. I Am the ever-present counselor and My counsel has never steered you wrong. I have prompted you. Listen and obey My voice! Do not veer off the path that I have prescribed for your life. I have safely brought you to this place you are in now and provisioned you every step of the way. You have been blessed and kept by Me, your GOOD SHEPHERD. You have My comfort. YOU have MY promises. You have MY Word. I will shepherd you and give you green pastures to feed in and still waters to drink from, says the LORD.

I will bring you into the shelter of My protection. You will not need to fear the bear or the lion, for I Am your KEEPER that does not slumber nor sleep. I have never failed to provide for you….ever. I love you unimpeachably. LOOK at what I have already brought you through and know that I am on task to see you through the present difficulties that you are going through. Keep your focus on ME, for I Am your total source and lover of your soul. I Am more than enough for you and will supply your need as you entrust Me with your life. I will sustain you and strengthen you and furnish a table for you in the presence of your enemies where you can feast and enjoy the new wine that I have poured out for you. Eat and drink and enjoy, for healing is on the table where you will have the bread of life to bring you health and vitality as you come and get it, says the LORD.

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