Restore You by My Spirit

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I will restore you by My Spirit, says the LORD. I will visit the waste places of your life and restore what you considered to be beyond redemption. YOUR REDEEMER LIVES, says the LORD. I AM your Redeemer. I will restore the wasted years that you have already written off as a total loss. I speak value to the valueless. I speak life to the deadness. I speak hope to the hopeless. I speak joy to the sorrowful. I speak strength to the weak. I speak light to the darkness and victory to defeat. What you have sown in tears, you will reap with joy, says the LORD.

It is not too late, for I do not operate by the clock or calendar, says the LORD. I created times and seasons, and I Am not bound to them. They are subject to ME. I will do as I please and I will restore you by My power, says the LORD. I will fix the unfixable things, bind up that which is broken, rebuild that which is torn down, and heal your wounds. I will restore your soul. Trust that I can do all things and believe that I will turn you around and cause you to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers, says the LORD.

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