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Return onto Me and come quickly into My presence, says the LORD. Yes, come in your desperation and come bursting into My presence. Come with complete force and zeal. Abandon yourself to ME and rid yourself of outside influences and distractions. Come hungry and thirsty for ME and seek Me with your whole heart. Press into ME! Let Me be your focus. Let ME be your pursuit. Place your full attention upon Me and look into My face. Turn away from the things that are distracting you. Stop looking beyond Me for solutions and stop looking to yourself and others. I Am your answer. You need never to question ME. I will never overlook you and your life is important to Me. I Am always with you to give you good things and insure GOOD success, says the LORD.

Make Me your choice. Choose to follow Me, for I will lead you and guide you continually. You need no other plan than Mine. You need no other purpose. Align fully with Me and let Me steer you in the direction that I have for you always. I will never lead you into a trap and I will never tempt you. The path will be cleared for you and I will take you by the hand and steady you every step of the way, says the LORD. It is not a guessing game or a chance, but a choice. CHOOSE ME, and choose LIFE in ME, says the LORD. For you will go in the direction that your attention takes you. Place your attention upon Me fully and attend to MY WORD. Be assured that My unfailing hand will embrace you, uphold you, provision you and protect you as you fully pursue Me. Nothing will be unfinished business for Me when it comes to you, says the LORD, for what I author, I will do, and will not only complete you, but I will complete the good WORK that I have begun in you and cause you to be fulfilled in ME as you make Me your continual trust, says the LORD.

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