Seek Me Fully

As you seek My kingdom and My righteousness first in your life, then you will have everything that you need always, says the LORD. Seek Me fully with your whole heart. Press into My presence. Do not visit Me! Live in My presence, says the LORD. Do not just seek My kingdom, for I have called you to come into your kingdom purpose in ME. SEEK ME and you will find me and have MY KINGDOM! SEEK ME and you will have MY righteousness! You will have MY will done in you as it is in heaven, and it will be right for you, says the LORD. The pieces of your life will come together in Me as I lead you into the fullness of MY blessing! You will lack NO GOOD THING, and I will order every step that you take. Simply trust Me and take those steps as you follow Me, says the LORD.

Stop lamenting over the things that you do not have, for if they were right for you for this time, I would give them. Those things that you are waiting for are within your reach as you take MY HAND! I will release them to you at the right time, for I hold every good and perfect gift in MY extended hand toward you! I will NOT deny you any good thing, says the LORD. I Am your source. Wait on Me! Trust in ME! Believe that My times are right and perfect for you! Believe that My will for your life is only good! My goodness and mercy are unimpeachable! My blessings for you will not cause you sorrow and pain. They will align with your kingdom purpose in ME, says the LORD. Trust that My higher ways and thoughts are attainable for you in your life as you lose your life, lose your opinions, lose your agenda, lose your own vision and abandon yourself to ME and align yourself with the destiny that I have for you! Let Me lead and guide you! Let Me become your total pursuit and trust. I will not disappoint you. I will fulfill you. I will make you whole and complete in Me, and you will be fully equipped and prepared for not only what I have for you, but your full kingdom purpose, says the LORD.

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