Set Your Affections on Me

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Set your affections on Me and let Me become your highest heart’s desire, says the LORD. Look at My face, for I Am intently looking at yours. My eyes are tender toward you and I affectionately desire fellowship and friendship with you. Come closer to Me. I want intimacy with you. I will give you all that you need and desire as you make Me your pursuit, and focus intently upon Me. Do not be distracted by the lesser, for I will fulfill everything that you need as you place a priority upon My presence and pursue the things that cannot be taken away from you that are eternal. I will grant more than you ask for or think, for I Am unlimited and unbound. There is nothing keeping you back from My table that is spread for you in My presence where every need is full furnished. I have rich treasures for you that will be unveiled as you come and allow Me to lavish My love upon you, says the LORD.

My riches that be in My glory await you. None are unattainable as you refocus your attention upon Me. Rush into My presence. Stay there, for there is no end to the pleasure that I have for you evermore. It is not a stop and go but a place to abide. Come and dwell with Me! Come and bask in Me. Come and receive of Me as you abandon yourself to Me. Let go of the shallow things and fleeting things that bring you momentary pleasure and come to what is pleasure forevermore. This is exactly what I have for you….uninterrupted pleasure and continual hidden treasures that are unimpeachable and unsurpassed. I Am your everything and there is nothing that I will not give you, My beloved, as you make Me your greatest heart’s desire and let Me supply all of your needs as you bask in My glory, says the LORD.

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