Showers of Blessing

The time of refreshing has come, says the LORD. I am sending showers of blessing to you that will cause your heart to rejoice in Me as in the times of harvest. You will blossom like a rose and the sweet fragrance of My Spirit will engulf you as you press into My presence and are renewed in Me by My Spirit. New life and vitality are yours and hope deferred will no longer make your heart sick. For this is your time. This is your season of refreshing. This is your time to be exceedingly glad, as I pour out a blessing upon you that is uncontainable, says the LORD.

This is a time to rejoice in Me! You have mourned and wept long enough. Come away with Me, says the LORD. Come away from the sorrow. Come out of the darkness and let Me give you the light of a NEW DAY! Let the light of My countenance shine upon you, and My peace invade you! Come away with Me, as I take you by the hand and lead you out of the graveyard into the unspeakable joy in My presence. Shed the dark garments of mourning and be anointed with My Spirit of JOY! It is the cup of consolation and blessing that I am extending to you in exchange for that of sorrow. I am taking the dreadful cup of trembling out of your hand. Come away with Me, and join Me in a celebration of Life and light as I give you the New wine that will make your heart glad, says the LORD. Yes, be intoxicated with the Wine of My Spirit that will cause you to forget the former things in light of the New life and joy that I give you now, says the LORD.

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