Silence Your Fears

I will silence your fears, says the LORD, for I Am your faith. I Am your source and I Am your all in all. As you look unto Me, you will realize that you have nothing to fear. I have not failed you, and I will Am not failing you now and I never will. I have been with you through every storm in life, and quieted ever one of them so that you could withstand all the winds of adversity and remain steady in Me. I have held you up with My own right hand and kept you from falling. I did not allow you to be drown in the raging sea. I was the help that undergirded you through it all, and I will not allow you to be overcome or overwhelmed now, says the LORD.

Be still. Do not fret bot the future. I have it. It is in My hands. Remember My faithfulness to you in the past and know that I Am unchanging. My grace is sufficient for you at all times and will never be depleted. Trust that you are secure in Me in My unimpeachable love, and I will sustain you always in Me, says the LORD. I Am your supply! My goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. I own the earth. The silver and gold belongs to Me. I own all the cattle on a thousand hills. The hills belong to Me. I Am in control of all that I have created and nothing is beyond Me, says the LORD. I know the future, and nothing takes Me by surprise. Trust in ME, and relax in My goodness and mercy for you. For not only am I enduring, I will cause you to be able to endure as well. I will provide for you continually as you place your faith and trust in ME. Do not allow your heart to be troubled when you listen to the bad news all around you. Listen to My comforting voice, for I not allow your foot to stumble, and I iwll uphold you by My own hand continually, and provide for you always, says the LORD.

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